A popular bakery in Newcastle has been named among the UK’s best artisan bakeries.

Northern Rye was featured in the Bakers’ Dozen 2024 list by British Baker which was revealed at The Artisan Collective event recently.

Amy North, editor of British Baker said: “Each of the 13 bakeries on the list has been recognised by industry experts and their peers as a beacon of dedication, passion, and skill, as demonstrated through lovingly handcrafted products and the people who make them.

“It’s great to see such a diverse range of bakeries, which span the width and breadth of Britain from Berwick in Scotland down to Eastbourne in the south of England, on the list meaning communities across the nation have access to some wonderful baked goods.”

You can see all 13 best artisan bakeries in the UK for 2024 here.

What did British Baker say about Northern Rye in Newcastle?

The publication commented: “Based by the river in Newcastle’s bustling Ouseburn district, Northern Rye is a handcrafted, small batch bakery specialising in sourdough breads, viennoiserie, sandwiches and great coffee.

“It has grown from humble beginnings in 2017, where it was started in a flat kitchen by Robbie Livingstone to supplying sourdough and viennoiserie for its shop and other independent businesses across the city.

“Northern Rye prides itself on using great ingredients with Ampersand butter, Land Chocolate, and Gilchester Organics Flour, which puts the ‘rye’ in Northern Rye.”

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The UK’s 13 best artisan bakeries for 2024

  1. Lovingly Artisan, Cumbria
  2. Bread Source, Norfolk
  3. The Dusty Knuckle, London
  4. Northern Rye, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  5. Farro, Bristol
  6. The Street Bakeshop, Basingstoke
  7. Toad Bakery, London
  8. Poppyseed Bakery, Eastbourne
  9. Bostock Bakery, North Berwick
  10. Stir Bakery, Cambridge
  11. Arôme, London
  12. Pollen, Manchester
  13. Cottonrake Bakery, Glasgow

What makes an artisan bakery?

British Baker explained: “An artisan bakery is where baked goods – such as bread, buns, pastries, and cakes – are made by skilled bakers by hand, often utilising longer and more traditional processes.

“Quality of ingredients and the end products are high on the agenda, and as a result, artisan bakeries typically only have a handful of sites.”