A restaurant claiming to serve the 'best burgers' has set out plans to open up a venue in North Yorkshire later this month. 

Patties Palace, who is a gourmet smash burger specialist, has paved the way to open its store on Millgate in Thirsk on February 22. 

Announcing its plans earlier this month, the business claimed that customers will be getting 'the best burger in Thirsk', which is a bold claim. 

The announcement read: "Coming soon: Thirsk get ready because Patties Palace has arrived and is about to deliver you the best burger in Thirsk.

"Our burgers are made from the finest beef mince sourced locally, seasoned to perfection, hand balled and then smashed Oklahoma style.


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"We guarantee this will be the best burger in Thirsk. Opening February 22, 2024."

So far, the business has set up its social media pages - with people in Thirsk excited at the prospect of having something different.

One potential customer said: "It's nice to see something a little bit more unique coming to Thirsk, I can't wait to try it," while another added: "This will be amazing we're sure - I wish the business every success."