A tenant has been permanently kicked out of a house in County Durham after 27 separate incidents of people calling the police on him. 

The courts granted a possession order on a property in Black Thorn Close in Brandon on Friday (February 9) and the lone male occupant has been permanently evicted.

Since he moved in there have been 27 incidents of Anti Social Behaviour and Disorder reported to the police at the address and many others have taken place in the local area.

According to police, these reports of anti-social behaviour were from concerned residents around the area, who wanted police assistance.

Over the last few months, the Framwellgate Moor and Meadowfield Neighbourhood police team worked closely with the housing provider and evidence was gathered to secure the eviction.


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The occupant received many warnings and offers of assistance, however, he and visitors to his address maintained their 'campaign of unacceptable behaviour', according to Durham Police.

A spokesperson for the police force added: "We don't like to see anyone homeless but when enough is enough we have to take action to safeguard the rest of the community.

"If you are suffering from Anti Social Behaviour at the hands of others please make contact with us via 101 or speak with your local Neighbourhood Team and we will do all we can to assist."