Plans for a ‘self-service’ dog wash station at Sunderland’s seafront have been submitted to city development chiefs.

Sunderland City Council’s planning department has received an application for land near the Marine Walk council car park in Roker.

Applicant NE Dog Wash aims to install a dog wash station with service connections to the public toilets building.

The company, which already operates from locations in Blyth, Whitley Bay and several country parks, provides dog wash stations with cycles including shampoo, rinse, conditioner, ‘further rinse’ and warm blow dry.

According to the NE Dog Wash website, the stations also have a quick ‘disinfect tub’ mode which is used to prepare the station for the next user and ensure the units are kept as clean as possible.

Plans were recently approved for a dog wash station at the Harbour Drive South car park in South Shields.

Plans for the Marine Walk site at Roker were submitted to council officials with a range of supporting documents, including a planning statement.

Those behind the scheme said existing sites in the region have been “well received” and that a new facility in Sunderland would “encourage more and longer visits” and “raise the status of adjacent attractions and facilities”.

The planning statement added: “Taking any dog out for the day, especially in areas where a dog likes to play, will invariably mean getting messy, especially with the UK weather.

“Returning home from a day at the park is much less appealing when you must first clean the dog, then clean the bath and then the car interior.

“Spending 10 minutes at a self-service dog wash adds a pleasant end to the day for both the owner and their dogs.

“Today, dog owners will often wash their dog at home in their own bathroom, perhaps adding a monthly trip to a dog groomer.

“Regularly bathing their dog at home will often mean backache leaning over the dog and cleaning the mess in a bathroom afterwards.

“Visiting a self-service dog wash unit makes it easy to clean dogs in a pet-safe and pet-friendly environment”.

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A decision on the planning application will be made once a period of council consultation has concluded.

Information on Sunderland City Council’s planning portal website lists a decision deadline of March 28, 2024.

For more information on the plan or to track its progress, visit Sunderland City Council’s planning portal website and search reference:  24/00164/FUL To find out more about applicant NE Dog Wash visit: