A warning has been made to motorists after a drink driver smashed his car into a County Durham house and brought down electrical poles.

Officers from Durham Police's roads team have issued a 'zero-tolerance' policy on drink drivers on the roads of the region after showcasing what damage drink drivers can do to themselves and others.

The Northern Echo: The damage sustained to the house and vehicleThe damage sustained to the house and vehicle (Image: DURHAM POLICE)

Shining a light on the dangers of people who choose to drink drive, the police force issued several images of a Ford Transit van that had been driven by a drink driver, which had come off the road and collided with a house in Easington, County Durham.

During the incident, the driver had dismantled a wall in front of the house and gone into the side of the property, before bringing down several electrical poles that were attached to the house and several adjoining properties. 

Following the incident, the driver tried to flee the scene, before police officers caught him and gave him a breath test, which saw him record a reading of almost three times over the limit.

Alongside the images, the police force condemned the behaviour of the drivers and warned others of drink driving.

In a statement, the roads policing team said: "If you make the ludicrous decision to drive a vehicle after you've consumed too much alcohol, this could be a very real outcome. An outcome we see too often.


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"The driver of this Ford Transit crashed into a house and brought down electrical cables at the same time. He then tried to escape but was apprehended by officers a short time later.

"He was arrested for multiple driving offences and provided a reading at custody of 91, which is just under three times the legal limit 

"The male was charged and will now appear in court in due course and most likely face a disqualification."