Emergency services were forced to intervene after a dog became trapped next to a waterway at 6am, as firefighters and specialist animal welfare teams were called to the scene. 

The fire service and specialist animal welfare staff members were called to Richmond at 5.55am, following reports that a dog had become trapped and couldn't get away from the water. 

On the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue logs, details about how the dog was trapped weren't shared - but it noted that fire crews from Richmond and Ripon attended to lend a hand. 


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After attending at 6am, the firefighters and animal welfare team were able to free the animal and return it to its owner. 

At this time, it's still unknown whether the dog had escaped from its home or was on a walk at the time of the incident. 

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "A crew from Richmond and Ripon’s animal rescue unit responded to a dog trapped next to a stream. Crews rescued the dog and reunited it with its owner."