An author who was inspired by Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale has released her debut 'feminist thriller'. 

Sally Grey, who graduated from Newcastle University, but hails from Northallerton, has been inspired by writing her whole life - but has finally published her first works at the age of 25. 

The author's first novel, Fertile Ground, is a story that sees the main character Clementine Finch struggling with infertility in a society threatened by overpopulation.

The story then follows the story of Clem returning to her childhood home to mourn the sudden death of her parents, but when her troubled brother Billy arrives, paranoid about the wellness brand he works for, Clem feels her quiet life slipping away.

The Northern Echo: Copies of Fertile GroundCopies of Fertile Ground (Image: SALLY GREY)

Within the story, Clem then discovers her mother’s hidden laboratory and her life is forever changed.

The story from Sally draws some comparisons with real life, with the author inspired by her upbringing in North Yorkshire, and the fact that she moved back 'home' during lockdown, where she wrote the majority of the novel. 

Her job as a content writer at a marketing agency in Newcastle also helps to keep up her writing and ideas.

The Northern Echo: Sally Grey, who graduated from Newcastle University, but hails from NorthallertonSally Grey, who graduated from Newcastle University, but hails from Northallerton (Image: SALLY GREY)

Talking about her inspiration to write her book, Sally said: "I've been writing for a long time, with reading and writing always instilled into me as a child. 

"I found my passion for literature through education - and studying my masters in Creative Writing at Newcastle.

"I'm massively inspired by Margaret Atwood since reading her work at school, and now I've read her whole back catalogue and my style is inspired by her. 


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"There's a sinister undertone in the story."

After releasing her first book, the author has said that she's found the interest surrounding her book "surreal" - but admits that she has another novel that she's writing that could act as a sequel to 'Fertile Grounds'.

Sally added: "I'm currently writing another book - and always enjoy writing new things.

"It's so surreal that there's this interest around the book - I'm not used to these interviews or attention - and it's all a learning curve."

Fertile Ground is out now and is available at numerous online and physical shops.