The Metropolitan Police have said that their main working hypothesis in the Clapham alkali attack investigation is that suspect Abdul Ezedi has “gone into the water”.

In a briefing at Scotland Yard, Commander Jon Savell said: “We have spent the last 24 hours meticulously following the CCTV, and it’s our main working hypothesis that he’s now gone into the water.

“We have looked at all of the available cameras and angles, and with the assistance of Transport for London and CCTV from buses that were travelling over the bridge at the relevant time and there is no sighting of him coming off the bridge.”The Northern Echo: Commander Jon Savell speaking to the media at Scotland Yard in LondonCommander Jon Savell speaking to the media at Scotland Yard in London (Image: PA)

Police said the body of Clapham Mr Ezedi may “never” surface if he has gone into the River Thames.

Mr Ezedi, 35, who travelled from Newcastle to London is accused of pouring a strong alkali on his ex-partner, and injuring her two young children, aged three and eight on January 31.

He was seen to “lean over the railings” of Chelsea Bridge before CCTV sightings of him ceased.

Detective Superintendent Rick Sewart said: “We’ve tracked Ezedi’s movements from the Tower Hill area where he alighted the underground and he’s walked over four miles to the location of Chelsea Bridge.

“He’s walked with purpose, but has essentially hugged the Thames River line.

The Northern Echo: Abdul Ezedi“When he has got to the area of Chelsea Bridge, his behaviour visibly appears to change in so much as he walked up and down the bridge – he pauses in the midpoint of the bridge, halfway down the bridge.

“Then he walked to and from the side of the bridge and can be seen to sort of lean over the railings before there is a loss of sight.”

Mr Sewart added that this was consistent with “him going into the water”.


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The Metropolitan Police said the victim of the Clapham alkali attack is “very poorly and unable to speak to police”.

In a briefing at Scotland Yard, Commander Jon Savell said: “Our thoughts obviously still remain with our victim who still is very poorly and unable to speak to police.”

He added that police had received more than 500 phone calls into their lines on the investigation, executed eight warrants – three of which were armed, and assimilated more than 1,000 pieces of information on the case.The Northern Echo: Abdul Ezedi