A warning has been issued after a group of youths who were reportedly on drink and drugs knocked down a fence in County Durham.

Wardens for Durham County Council say they have stepped up their evening and weekend patrols after increased reports of anti-social behaviour at the Racecourse Cricket Pavilion in Durham City.

According to the wardens, youths are gathering to take drugs and drink alcohol with damage recently caused to a fence, which had its posts smashed and saw the youths knock it down.

Following the incidents, the neighbourhood wardens have issued a warning to both the youths and the parents about engaging in anti-social behaviour. 

They have also reiterated that they have the power to seize alcohol from groups, and are also actively working with the police to deal with the groups who drink and take drugs.


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In an online post, the wardens said: "Do you know where your kids are at a weekend and what they are doing?

"Neighbourhood Wardens have the power to seize alcohol and will be working with Durham University & Durham Constabulary to resolve the issue. Any youths identified will be dealt with by our Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

"Please report Anti Social Behaviour to 101 at the time of happening or 999 in an emergency. You can also report any ASB via www.durham.gov.uk/asb."