Tributes to a "truly loved" young mum of two from Darlington who died unexpectedly at her home earlier this month have been made after a fundraiser has been set up to help with her funeral costs.

Vicky Grainger, 34, died on Thursday (February 1) at her home on the Red Hall estate in Darlington, after her friend found her unresponsive and performed CPR on her until the paramedics arrived. 

The 34-year-old was declared dead at the scene, with her cause of death currently unknown by her family and friends.

The Northern Echo: Vicky GraingerVicky Grainger (Image: FAMILY)

Following the 34-year-old's death, her family have set up a GoFundMe page to help her partner Chrissy Grainger, son Marcus, 11, and daughter Charlotte, 14 and paid tribute to her. 

Vicky's mum, Karen Jacques, has described her daughter, who has always lived in the Darlington area, as "a beautiful soul inside and out" and noted how family was the greatest thing to her daughter. 

According to her mum, the love and adoration for Vicky was seen on Monday (February 5), when hundreds of people turned up to the Red Hall estate in Darlington to take part in a balloon release to celebrate the mum of two's life. 

The Northern Echo: Vicky, her partner Chrissy and daughter CharlotteVicky, her partner Chrissy and daughter Charlotte (Image: FAMILY)

Since that time, the family has been receiving "numerous" messages of support and love from the community, which Vicky's mum described as "humbling". 

Vicky's mum, Karen, said: "Vicky was an angelic soul - when she was growing up, people noted how pretty she was.

"Family to Vicky was so important. We always used to go away with our extended family - and then when she had a family of her own with Chrissy, it was her life - she adored them to pieces.

"And her friends are incredible - Alex and Amy were like family to her, and her friend Laura was so special to her. 

The Northern Echo: Vicky, her daughter Charlotte and son MarcusVicky, her daughter Charlotte and son Marcus (Image: FAMILY)

"The balloon release showed how loved Vicky was. I think sometimes Vicky doubted how liked she was - but hopefully, if she was looking down, she would see how loved she was and how many people loved her."

On the day that Vicky died, her family say that they were left in "complete shock" after the shop worker didn't return any calls from friends. 

According to Vicky's family, her friends were trying to contact her throughout the morning, before they went round to her house, where they found her unresponsive.

Despite calling paramedics and doing CPR, which Vicky's mum Karen said she will "forever be grateful for", she died at her house.

The Northern Echo: Vicky when she was youngerVicky when she was younger (Image: FAMILY)

Following Vicky's death, the fundraiser that has been set up has now raised over £3700 in just five days - which her family have described as "incredible". 

Vicky's mum Karen added: "The amount we have raised is humbling. All of the messages, all of the calls and all of the money we have received are much appreciated. 

"Everyone has been incredible." 


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Vicky's funeral will take place on February 26 at 2pm at the crematorium at West Cemetery, Darlington. 

Her family have asked that any donations go to the Red Hall Dance Company, which Vicky and her daughter Charlotte were involved in. 

Vicky leaves behind her partner Chrissy, her daughter Charlotte, son Marcus, mum Karen and stepdad Tony, alongside her three sisters Samantha, Britney, and Katelyn. 

To donate to the fundraiser set up in tribute to Vicky, you can do so here.