The owner of a long-standing family-run abattoir has announced its closure after more than two decades of serving the Yorkshire Dales community.

McIntyre Meats, which has called Bainbridge in Wensleydale home for the last 23 years, has decided to cease production - citing the running costs and the extensive regulations on the trade as factors for winding down operations. 

The business, which is owned by husband and wife Martin and Lindsey McIntyre, hasn't been able to be brought into the family, due to Martin and Lindsey's daughters not wanting to take over at the company.

Following the closure, Mr McIntyre confirmed that the last slaughter day would be March 27, but the cutting room would continue to operate for "three to four weeks" after that time. 

The closure also means that the eight members of staff that the business employs will be made redundant.

Announcing the news of the company closure, Mr McIntyre said: "The main factor is having to jump through hoops. After 23 years in the business, we've had enough.

"Me and Lindsey are both at the age where our daughters don't want to go into the business, and we want to enjoy life. 

"It's quite an emotional time and I'm lost for words, but the stress levels have been absolutely constant - it continues 24/7."

Despite the emotional announcement made by the family business, Mr McIntyre has highlighted the high points over the 23 years as the community backing and the fact that meat from Wensleydale had been imported all across the world. 

He added: "The community has always been fantastic - it's one of the reasons we've done this for 23 years, but now we've announced the closure, I feel it's a weight off my shoulders from the stress.

"The pinnacle of production was seeing the meat go to Greece, Dubai and other global locations - it made us proud to do that."

Now that the closure has been finalised, 'uncertainty' on the nearest abattoir and what that means for farmers has been raised by Upper Dales North Yorkshire Council councillor Yvonne Peacock. 

The councillor has expressed her "disappointment" at the closure of McIntyre Meats - and has highlighted that it could mark a loss for both farmers and the hospitality sector in the Yorkshire Dales. 

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She said: "It's not good for farmers - I don't know where the nearest abattoir will be. It could be a lot of miles away.

"It's also awful news for restaurants who source local meat for their dishes. A lot of visitors want to know where their meat is coming from - and it's a great pride thing to be able to tell them that it's come from just down the road.

"This might not happen now, though.

"The amount of rules and regulations that McIntyre's has had to withstand. I strongly believe that there are more regulations attached to farming than if you went into hospital for an operation."