Officers are concerned for the welfare of an unidentified person after a bundle of clothes and a horse show rosette from 2006 were found.

The bundle was found at the top of Huntcliff in Saltburn on Wednesday (February 7) includes multiple pieces of clothing.

The items found by police are:

  • A pair of light grey joggers
  • A cap, with the white letter A embroidered into it 
  • A pair of worn white socks
  • What appears to be a black and white top
  • A rosette for a horse competition from 2006

The rosette, which appears to be in Polish says "Hubertus Lesna Podkowa Damaszka" and is dated November 11, 2006.

Officers have since said they are concerned for the welfare of the person who was wearing the clothes, as they launch an appeal to find them.

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Cleveland Police said: "Police are appealing for any information relating to items of clothing found at the top of Huntcliff Saltburn on Wednesday evening.

"We do not know who they belong to and we need information relating to sightings of anyone wearing this, or any other information.

"This is being treated as a concern for welfare of the owner at this time. Any information please contact 101 and quote event CVP24022861."