The Met Office are predicting a chilly mid-week day with sunny spells in Darlington.

The day will start clearly with sunshine between 9am and 11am.

It is expected to cloud over a little into patchier sunshine throughout the afternoon.

The forecaster does not think it will rain in Darlington today.

There will be highs of 6C and lows of -2C, with the sun due to set at 16.56pm.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today:

9am: 1C with <5% chance of rain

10am: 3C with <5% chance of rain

11am: 4C with <5% chance of rain

12pm: 5C with <5% chance of rain

1pm: 6C with <5%  chance of rain

2pm: 5C with <5%  chance of rain

3pm: 5C with <5%  chance of rain

4pm: 4C with <5% chance of rain

5pm: 3C with <5%  chance of rain

6pm: 2C with <5%  chance of rain

7pm: 2C with <5% chance of rain

8pm: 1C with <5% chance of rain

9pm: 1C with <5% chance of rain

10pm: 0C with <5% chance of rain

11pm: 0C with <5% chance of rain

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A Met Office spokesperson said: "After a frosty start, a largely fine day is expected with long sunny spells.

"Perhaps the odd shower possible, most likely during the morning, but staying dry for many.

"Winds remaining light, however feeling noticeably colder than recent days. Maximum temperature 5 °C.

"A cold night, with clear spells at first, leading to a widespread frost. Staying dry, although high cloud will thicken from the south early Thursday."