A temporary home has been found for Newton Aycliffe police over a month after they were scheduled to vacate shared premises with the fire service on Central Avenue.

GLOW, a function venue located at Aycliffe Business Park is now the new temporary home for Newton Aycliffe's police, Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen has confirmed.

This news comes seven months after residents first made their voices heard to PCC Allen in July 2023  following concern about the force's removal from the fire station, at the centre of town.

The police were given notice to leave the shared space after its ten-year lease ended in December 2023. This shared space came about after the station was demolished and its land was sold in 2013.

The Northern Echo: The former police station, which was demolished in 2013.The former police station, which was demolished in 2013.

Until now, the force has remained there but will reportedly move into GLOW this month as the Central Avenue site will still be open to the public who wish to visit the police station in person.

Commissioner Allen said: “The scheduled move into GLOW is temporary and will ensure both teams remain in the confines of Aycliffe to be able to respond urgently and effectively when needed by the public.

“However, those who wish to visit the police station itself, either to report crime or present documents and so on, will still need to do so at Central Avenue as GLOW is not open to the public.

“Residents have made clear their expectations for a fully functioning police station within Aycliffe and my team will continue to work with the force to identify a permanent solution with a hub in the town centre to keep officers in the heart of the communities they serve.


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“In the meantime, business will continue as usual, with members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team in Aycliffe Fire Station on Central Avenue where officers have office space, an interview room and a front counter.

“As previously stated, I am absolutely committed to maintaining a strong policing footprint in Newton Aycliffe.

“I hope this announcement will reassure residents we are not leaving the area and continue to work hard to protect the strong and accessible policing they deserve.”

A spokesman for Durham Constabulary said: “As the public would rightly expect, we are fully committed to maintaining an effective and high-quality policing service to the residents of Newton Aycliffe.

“The opening of the Glow premises guarantees that we maintain that presence in the town round-the-clock”.