Anita Atkinson, a royal super fan, has reacted with horror to the news that the King has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Royal Family made a statement at 6pm which described that during the King's recent operation for benign prostate enlargement another issue was found.

King Charles today commenced a schedule of regular treatments, during which time he will stop public-facing duties.

Ms Atkinson heard the news and described how she felt "worried" for the King.

Despite her fears she was not surprised by the news.

Ms Atkinson said: "I'm gutted but it hasn't really come as a huge surprise to me.

"When he came to Bishop Auckland as the Prince of Wales in 2022, to open the art gallery, he was wearing thick foundation makeup.

"That is exactly what George the Sixth did to disguise his illness from the people."

She explained that the arrangement between Prince William and King Charles to modernise the monarchy by slimming down the royal family had, in her opinion, been too severe.

Ms Atkinson said: "Well, I'm really worried now. It's because there is nobody left.

"It isn't just because the King is going to be ill. Kate is out of action too.

"That impacts the Prince of Wales too, he's looking after her and the children.

The Northern Echo:

"Him and his father decided a long time ago to come up with a 'Way Forward' plan for the monarchy group.

"They have slimmed it down far too far. Princess Anne is holding the fort and she has for far too long.

"It was a huge mistake. We should have trained Princess Eugenie and Beatrice as working royals."

Ms Atkinson believes that it could be too late to save the monarchy and more widely British democracy.

She said: "It's too late. Look what has happened.

"I'm really worried about King Charles.

"All we can hope is that the people come together and get behind him."

Charles, 75, was discharged from the London Clinic a week ago after undergoing treatment on an enlarged prostate.

Buckingham Palace confirmed the disease was discovered while the King was being treated in hospital for an enlarged prostate.

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The King has started a schedule of regular treatments but has been advised to postpone his public-facing duties.

The Palace declined to confirm the type of cancer.

He will carry on working behind the scenes on state business and official papers and returned from Sandringham to London on Monday to commence treatment as an out-patient.