A major retailer has opened their new store in a North East town today.

Health and beauty retailer Bodycare opened its store at Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure in Cramlington today (February 5).

The new store has taken over the former 7,800 square foot unit previously occupied by Poundland.

It will provide customers with a vast selection of health, skincare, cosmetic and bath products, as well as fragrances.

Lee Farrier, head of commercial and workspace said they were excited to welcome the business to the shopping centre.

They said: “We are thrilled to welcome Bodycare to the centre.

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"As landlord, we’re constantly striving to bring the biggest brands to Manor Walks and Bodycare is no exception.

"The store will help provide the best shopping experience to the community and aligns us with our competitors.”

Bodycare was first established in 1970 on a Lancashire market stall by Graham and Margaret Blackledge, now has over 100 UK stores.