Ed Byrne snapped himself while enjoying a pre-show pint in Darlington at the weekend.

He popped into the House of Hop on Houndgate for a North East IPA before his show at the Hippodrome.

His support act, Michelle Shaughnessy, favoured a Reef Point AF craft lager.

The Northern Echo: Ed Byrne, TM Stu and Michelle Shaughnessy

Mr Byrne said: "Tonight’s pre-show pint is a North East IPA by Three Brothers Brewing Co. for me and TM Stu and a Reef Point AF craft lager for support act, Michelle Shaughnessy in the House of Hop, Darlington."

Some of the commenters approved of his choice of pub before the show and others praised his performance later that night.

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Andrew Harrison said: "Excellent Mr Bryne, your best show! Thanks for coming to Darlington."

Nathan Spong said: "Top job! Can't beat Three Brothers Brewing Company. Excellent people as well!"

Keith Ainslie said: "I think you need to rate your pre show pints Ed, I mean every now and then you must pick a howler."