Police are investigating after a cordon was put in place outside a County Durham takeaway following an 'incident' on Sunday (February 4) morning. 

Officers from Durham Police were spotted outside Sopranos takeaway on Broom Lane in Ushaw Moor from about 6.30am - with a cordon across the front of the venue. 

Several police cars could be seen at the incident - with several officers seen standing at the cordon.

Images from the scene: 

The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo: The Northern Echo: Pictures: MARTIN HURTON.

In images from the scene, a codon stretched across the frontage of Sopranos and ended just before the Premier Store next door. 

Investigations have continued throughout Sunday (February 4), which has seen police at the scene for most of the day. 

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Reports from the scene have suggested that police were at the premises on Saturday (February 3) evening - but no link has been made yet. 

Durham Police haven't yet confirmed the nature of the incident or why the cordon remained in place. 

The Northern Echo has contacted Durham Police and the North East Ambulance Service about a statement regarding the incident.