Police in County Durham pulled over a bright green Lamborghini after officers had some concerns about the driver of the vehicle. 

Road policing teams from Durham were driving towards Newton Aycliffe services on Friday (February 2) evening, near the A1(M) when they noticed the driver of the vehicle might not have the correct insurance. 

Despite the driver being in a £200,000 Lamborghini Urus, officers were concerned that they didn't have the correct insurance category to drive the high-powered supercar. 

After pulling the driver over, Durham officers reported the driver and sent documents to court.

The motorist will now be dealt with in court. 

In a statement, Durham Roads Policing Team warned other drivers who have similar supercars or high-powered vehicles to make sure they have the correct insurance. 

The Northern Echo: The Lamborghini on the County Durham roadThe Lamborghini on the County Durham road (Image: DURHAM POLICE)

A spokesperson for the specialist policing team said: "This Lamborghini is a beautiful vehicle - and priced at just shy of £200,000 new, it should be!

"So if you are driving one, please ensure that you have the correct category of driving licence, otherwise your insurance is invalidated, and your vehicle will be seized.

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"Just like this one was, overnight, at Aycliffe Services.

"The driver was reported for the relevant offences, which means a file has been submitted to the court for the court to decide if they are to be prosecuted for the offences outlined above."

The warning was accompanied by two images of the bright green Lamborghini after it was pulled over on the stretch of County Durham road.