A dog was heartbreakingly left tied to a tree to die in County Durham before he was rescued by council wardens earlier this week. 

The dog, a white and black 'pitbull-type dog', was left on Station Lane in Pelton on Thursday (February 1) - where he was found tied to a tree by council officials. 

The scared dog, which the wardens noticed while out on their patrols, had a lead wrapped around it and it was tethered to the tree. 

However, after being rescued, the dog was reportedly to see the group who rescued him. 

Since its rescue, the dog has been sent to Stray Aid, having had no microchip to send it back to its owners. 

In a statement by Durham County Council, it documents the dogs' journey. 

It reads: "Neighbourhood Wardens have collected this bundle of joy tonight who was very happy to see us after he was suspected left tied to a tree on Station Lane, Pelton and taken to the vets.

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Most read:

"The dog was not microchipped so he is being transported to Stray Aid."

After the council wardens posted what had happened, people online reacted angrily, questioning the owner for their actions in tying the dog to the tree. 

One person in the comments section said: "Vile people leaving that poor thing - are there any ways of being able to adopt him? I'd love to give him a loving home," while another added: "Absolutely disgusting - leaving a dog is like leaving a child."