Army personnel blew up an 'unexploded item' behind a County Durham pub after a member of the public made a discovery at the venue today (Wednesday, January 31). 

Emergency services, including the bomb squad, police and fire service were called to the Church Mouse in Chester-le-Street, near the A167 at about noon, following reports of an 'unexploded ordnance' at the scene. 

A police cordon was spotted in place on the outskirts of Chester-le-Street, which prevented cars and pedestrians from going near the venue. 

Durham Police initially put out a statement, saying that the area would be cordoned off 'for some time' to allow the army to work. 

The statement read: "A cordon is currently in place behind the Church Mouse, in Chester-le-Street after an item of unexploded ordnance was found.

"The device is being destroyed in a controlled detonation.

"We will update you when it's safe to return to the area and the cordon has been lifted.

"Thank you for your patience."

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However, in a follow-up statement, the police force said that the army had taken care of the item - which hasn't been identified by either the police or the army. 

The follow-up statement from Durham Police said: "Police were called shortly after 12pm today after a piece of ordnance was discovered by a member of the public behind the Church Mouse, in Chester-le-Street.

"Experts from the army’s bomb disposal unit were also called and safely disposed of the item in a controlled explosion."