Police have issued an urgent warning after catching a driver in County Durham who was riding a quad bike around the streets with a ten-month-old baby on his lap. 

The shocking incident, which happened on Saturday (January 27), saw police officers pull over the man, who was riding through Shildon. 

The man had a ten month old baby on the front of the quad with him, and neither was wearing any protective clothing or headgear.

The 29-year-old rider was reported for driving offences, including driving without a licence and driving with no insurance.

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After sharing the details of the incident, Durham Police have issued an urgent warning to people who ride quad bikes, urging them to wear protective gear on the vehicles.

A spokesperson for the police force added: "If you ride a quad bike on a public road, you must register it with the DVLA, have insurance and a driving licence, and the bike must be taxed, otherwise it will be seized.

"We’d also recommend you wear protective clothing and a helmet, and maybe don’t ride with a baby on the front either."