The Northern Echo’s readers have had their say on where the border for the North begins.

North East residents have been debating a controversial and contentious age-old question that many proud Northerners have disagreed with over the years – ‘Where does the North start?’

The Echo has tried to find an answer from its readers on this issue and the results have seen a mixed response.

One reader, with an answer sure to annoy a few, said: “I think technically anything above the midlands is north. You have the south, the midlands, then the North.”

Meanwhile, another reader said the answer was subject to whether you are looking at the UK, or England alone.

They said: “Depends. If we’re including Scotland, then I’d say Cumbria and County Durham.

“If England, then Yorkshire/Lancashire”

Another said: “North of the River Don there’s a small sign saying The North on the A1 on the bridge over the Don they’ve been doing up recently.”

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While another reader took a playful dig at the South and joked: “The northern side of the M25 according to the southerner.”

Meanwhile, another reader discounted a major city across the country and said: “Certainly not Manchester, nothing like it we have our own lingo.”

Popular answers to the question named Scotch Corner as the cut off point, or went as far as the Scottish border.