The property of Bumble Crumble in Darlington market has today been repossessed by the landlord.

A notice has been stuck onto the door which makes it clear 'no one can lawfully enter the premises' without the landlord's permission.

The eatery first opened in June 2023 and rapidly became a hit in the town for being a tearoom with a twist.

The cafe had been set for a re-brand and re-opening in January 2024 but there has been no further news.

Now the property has been officially emptied and re-entered by the landlord.

The Northern Echo: Bumble Crumble, Darlington

The notice reads: "TAKE NOTICE that the Landlord has today re-entered Units 4 & 5 West Row at Darlington Covered Market, Darlington, DL1 5PL in accordance with the Landlord's power under clause 5.1 of the Lease. 

"As a consequence of the re-entry , the Lease is forfeited and the premises have been secured.

"AND TAKE NOTICE that no one can lawfully enter the premises unless they have been given authorised by the Landlord.

"Any attempt to enter the premises without the Landlord's authority may be a criminal offense and result in prosecution.

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"If you have any enquiries about the premises, please contact the Landlord on 07375 638410."

The Northern Echo: Bumble Crumble, Darlington

Bumble Crumble applied to be struck off the company register on December 19, 2023.

A statement reads: "I/We as the majority of directors apply for this company to be struck off the Register and declare that none of the circumstances described in section 1004 and 1005 of the Companies Act 2006 (being circumstances in which the directors would otherwise be prohibited under those sections from making an application) exists in relation to the company."

We are trying to contact Darlington Borough Council to find out more information and what exactly this means for the business.