Watchdogs say that 'major improvement' is necessary at a Bishop Auckland bar and restaurant, which was slapped with a one-star hygiene rating last December. 

The Bishops Lodge, on Addison Road, Toronto, Bishop Auckland, was awarded the second lowest food hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency in an inspection on December 13 last year.

Following the inspection, Bishops Lodge will have been informed that a number of improvements need to be made, and urgently, to improve their hygiene rating.

The Northern Echo:

Following the holiday rush in late December, the business wrote on Facebook: "We're taking a brief pause to recharge and gear up for an amazing new year ahead.

"During this time, we'll be closed for a few days to rejuvenate and prepare to welcome you back with renewed energy and a fresh outlook. 

"We are expanding our team. This expansion aims to enhance your experience and ensure we provide the top-notch service that you deserve."

Here’s what each food hygiene rating means:

0 - Urgent Improvement Necessary

1 - Major Improvement Necessary

2 - Some Improvement Necessary

3 - Hygiene Standards Generally Satisfactory

4 - Hygiene Standards Good

5 - Hygiene Standards Very Good

The Northern Echo:

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During its inspection, the restaurant was inspected on its hygienic food handling, cleanliness and condition of facilities and building as well as management of food safety.

In management of food safety, the business was told that major improvement was necessary. 

In hygienic food handling and cleanliness, the business was told that improvement was necessary. 

In both cleanliness and food safety management, the business was told that urgent improvement was necessary.

The Bake Two have been contacted for comment on the recent inspection.