LISTED Building Consent for manufacture and replacement of two glazed wooden four-panel doors with two accoya glazed wood four-panel door, at Thirsk Museum.

The plans are for the proposed manufacturing and installation of two entrance doors at Thirsk Museum, in14-16 Kirkgate, Thirsk.

Luke Williams, director of New Addition Windows, submitted a planning and heritage statement to North Yorkshire Council on behalf of the applicants.

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It states: “The proposal not only addresses the practical aspects of door replacement but also incorporates considerations for heritage preservation.

“The existing doors have been assessed and are deemed irreparable, necessitating their replacement.

“After conducting a thorough survey, it has been determined that the current doors are structurally compromised and no longer meet the required standards for functionality, security, and energy efficiency. The proposed replacement doors aim to address these deficiencies while maintaining the historical character of the museum.

“The new entrance doors are meticulously designed to replicate the existing doors in a like-for-like manner, ensuring compatibility with the historical context of Thirsk Museum.

“Recognizing the heritage value of the museum, we have engaged architectural experts with experience in heritage preservation to ensure that the replacement doors seamlessly integrate with the original design.

“To enhance the historical authenticity, the proposed doors will be crafted using traditional timber materials and techniques, consistent with the era when the museum was constructed.

“The discreet insulated panels and double-glazed safety glass will be subtly incorporated to meet contemporary standards without compromising the museum’s heritage charm.

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“In addition to addressing structural and energy efficiency concerns, the proposed changes aim to preserve and enhance the heritage value of Thirsk Museum.

“The careful selection of materials, adherence to traditional craftsmanship, and the inclusion of modern features in a tasteful manner will contribute to the longevity of the museum as a historical landmark.

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“The proposed project will adhere not only to building codes and regulations but also to heritage preservation guidelines.

“We commit to working closely with heritage authorities to ensure that the replacement doors meet all heritage criteria.

“We believe that the proposed replacement of entrance doors at Thirsk Museum is not only necessary for structural improvements but also serves to protect and enhance the heritage significance of the building.”