A Darlington pensioner has described her fear at finding out that half of her house cladding had been blown off in Storm Isha after two women knocked on her door and delivered the devastating news. 

Margaret Dore, 82, who lives on Chandos Street in Darlington, was woken up just after midnight on Monday (January 22) after she heard a large thud outside her house, which she thought was caused by the high winds brought by the storm.

The Northern Echo: The devastating impact of the damage on Chandos StreetThe devastating impact of the damage on Chandos Street (Image: HANNAH HAMMOND)

After first believing that the noise was just plant pots falling in her garden, which had happened during previous storms, she went back to bed.

However, after waking up in the morning and going downstairs, the 82-year-old was shocked to get a knock on her door from two women on the school run, who told her that half of the cladding that had previously been on the side of her house had fallen off. 

The Northern Echo: Debris strewn across the road in Chandos StreetDebris strewn across the road in Chandos Street (Image: HANNAH HAMMOND)

"I walked around the corner of the street where the side of my house is and was completely in shock at what I saw - it was carnage and rubble was everywhere on the road," said Margaret. 

"I didn't realise until speaking to people in the street that the noise could be heard along the bottom of Chandos Street - it was unbelievable."

The Northern Echo: The aftermath of the damage that was caused on the Darlington houseThe aftermath of the damage that was caused on the Darlington house (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Left with a big pile of rubble outside the house, which covered the whole path and part of the road, the pensioner was initially worried about a neighbour who usually parked on the spot where the cladding fell, but they were at work at the time of the incident.

"The first thing I did was to ring my granddaughter - who came round to help," added Margaret. 

The Northern Echo: Rubble on the road and footpathRubble on the road and footpath (Image: HANNAH HAMMOND)

Despite still being in her pyjamas, and a pair of crocs, Margaret's granddaughter, Hannah Hammond, arrived at the house on Chandos Street and took to social media to tell people what had happened to her grandma's house. 

Within 30 minutes of posting online, people in nearby streets had offered to help and the rubble was quickly cleared - which both Margaret and Hannah say is a "testament" to the area they live. 

The Northern Echo: An image of how the house was on Monday (January 22) morningAn image of how the house was on Monday (January 22) morning (Image: HANNAH HAMMOND)

Hannah said: "I can't thank people enough - we had people arriving within a few minutes of putting it out on social media, it just shows that people are willing to help those in need." 

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Despite the insurance now looking to take care of the damage that was caused by Storm Isha on the house on Chandos Street, Margaret knows that she had a lucky escape and that the incident wasn't worse.

"My bed is on that wall, so if it would have been the bricks and mortar that would have fallen, that would have been me who was out in the street - it's scary to think," added Margaret.

"This isn't something that you think will happen to you - and nothing has happened like this before, but it's the silly things that go through your head about different scenarios that could have happened."