Flights from Newcastle and Teesside Airports have been cancelled today in the aftermath of Storm Isha.

Tens of flights were diverted on Sunday (January 21) night as winds picked up speeds making landings difficult at some airports.

Some passengers faced crazy diversions including one Ryanair flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh diverting to Cologne after a failed touch-down in the Scottish capital.

The Northern Echo: The flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh took a major diversion to Cologne, Germany.The flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh took a major diversion to Cologne, Germany. (Image: FLIGHTRADAR)

No flights heading to the North East were diverted, however, the knock-on effect left some services cancelled on Monday with many planes positioned in the wrong places.

British Airways cancelled its morning flight from Newcastle to Heathrow while Ryan Air’s service to Dublin from the Tyneside airport was also called off.

Meanwhile, Dutch flag-carrier KLM cancelled two flights, one from Teesside at 10.40am, and one from Newcastle at 1.25pm, to Amsterdam.

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Air traffic control restrictions were in place on Sunday, leading to flight cancellations and causing some planes to divert.

National Air Traffic Services told the PA news agency: “Due to adverse weather conditions across the UK, temporary air traffic restrictions are in place. Restrictions of this sort are only every applied to maintain safety.

“Our teams are working closely with airports and airlines to minimise disruption. Passengers should check the status of their flight with their airline.”