A tornado warning has been issued for the North East as heavy winds from Storm Isha have been predicted.

Torro - the UK’s Tornado and Storm Research Organisation - issued a ‘red’ warning for possible tornadoes on their website for some parts of England, Ireland and Scotland. 

The top of the North East has been included in the areas that could be hit by Storm Isha later today and tomorrow.

The Northern Echo: The area that Torro has said could get tornados The area that Torro has said could get tornados (Image: TORRO)

Wind gusts between 80-100 mph, hail to 20mm in diameter, cloud-to-ground lightning and tornadoes are all possible, Torro has suggested.

There is also a ‘yellow’ warning for Convective Discussion for much of England, but a 'red' warning which covers parts of Northumberland and lower parts of the North East.

This is for isolated tornados, wind gusts between 70-80 mph and hail.

More information from Torro can be found here.

On its website, Torro said the places affected are: 

  • Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Parts of Scotland
  • A small part of Northern England
  • Isle of Man

Here are the hazards Torro has listed: 

  • Tornadoes
  • Wind gusts to 80-100mph
  • Hail to 20mm diameter
  • CG lightning

Amber and yellow severe weather warnings have been issued as Storm Isha approaches the UK on Sunday, in what will be a widely windy day for the UK. Many places are likely to see gusts of 50-60mph, even inland. Near coasts there will be widespread gusts of 60-70mph, possibly reaching 80 mph in a few places.

Chief Meteorologist, Dan Suri, said: “Storm Isha will bring strong winds to the whole of the UK through Sunday and into Monday. The areas of particular concern are reflected by a large Amber severe weather warning which covers Northern Ireland, central and southern Scotland, Wales, much of northern England as well as southwestern parts of England.

“In these regions we could see gusts frequently between 50-60mph and even up to 80mph in exposed coastal locations. As the storm starts to move away on Monday morning very strong winds will also develop in the far southeast of England, bringing the risk of 70-80mph gusts here too in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Storm Isha will bring a disruptive spell of weather to the UK with strong winds across the whole country. Heavy rain will cause additional hazards, particularly in the west. A number of severe weather warnings for rain have also been issued. Keep up to date with the Met Office warnings and pay close attention to guidance from your local authority.”

Warnings highlight the possibility of travel disruption, power cuts and dangerous conditions near the coast with high waves and flying debris. A spokesperson for Energy Networks Association, which represents Britain's energy network operators, said: "An amber warning brings an increased risk of damage to homes and vital infrastructure. Energy network operators are preparing to deal with any damage quickly and safely.

"With severe weather forecast, our advice to customers is to prepare, care and share. Prepare by going online to PowerCut105.com for advice and call 105 for free if you have a power cut. Check in with people who might need extra help, and share this information so friends and family know what to do too.

"If you see damaged power lines or lines brought down over the coming days, stay well clear and call 105 for free to report it, or dial 999 if there’s an immediate danger to life."