The UK's oldest victim of the Horizon scandal who is from County Durham has appeared on TV in a heartfelt interview. 

Betty Brown, a 91-year-old former subpostmistress and grandmother, is believed to be the oldest victim of the Horizon scandal in the country.

In a heartfelt interview on Good Morning Britain, alongside her local MP, Richard Holden, she criticised Post Office executives for the devastating impact on her life.

The Northern Echo: Betty Brown and Richard Holden MPBetty Brown and Richard Holden MP (Image: RICHARD HOLDEN MP)

Betty and her late husband, Oswall, managed the Annfield Plain branch for 35 years.

Betty sought Richard's help in pursuing justice during the Horizon scandal, and he arranged support from colleagues and ministerial departments.

The introduction of the discredited IT system, Horizon, in 2000 led to significant losses of £1,500 a week for Betty's thriving business.

Financial hardship forced her to hire a manager who exacerbated the turmoil.

She was unfairly pressured into retirement, labelled 'too old' to grasp the new system.

Despite facing threats, Betty was never prosecuted and has been vocal about the wrongdoings of Post Office executives, notably Paula Vennells.

Her story epitomises the struggles of subpostmasters during the Horizon scandal, with Betty's resilience and her MP's advocacy offering hope to all affected individuals.

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Betty’s Local MP Richard Holden said: "Betty Brown’s unwavering determination in the face of such adversity is truly inspiring, and I am committed to ensuring that justice is served for her.

"While no amount of money will ever right the wrongs Betty has experienced, I am glad that light is finally being shone on her tragic case.

"Her case was one of the first I dealt with since being elected. Having escalated Betty’s plight consistently with Ministers and others for years, I am glad that her case, and others, are finally being treated with the seriousness they deserve."