Windows have been smashed and extensive damage caused to a community building in the North East after a late-night anti-social crime spree. 

On Friday (January 19) evening, it was reported that extensive damage had been caused to the elevated walkway at Sandhaven Beach, South Shields. 

The Northern Echo: The damage to the windows at Sandhaven BeachThe damage to the windows at Sandhaven Beach (Image: SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL)

During the incident, windows on the walkway had been smashed through and litter had been left at the facility, in what South Tyneside Council are calling an 'anti-social incident'. 

In a statement put out on Friday (January 19) evening, the local authority said: "Extensive damage was made. Windows were damaged due to antisocial behaviour.

The Northern Echo: The council have closed the walkway on Saturday (January 20)The council have closed the walkway on Saturday (January 20) (Image: SOUTH TYNESIDE COUNCIL)

"Please avoid the footpath at the elevated walkway next to Sandhaven Beach on Saturday (20 Jan). The clean-up crew are on site now and will return tomorrow.

"Concerns over dog owners and glass. Please avoid footpaths tomorrow until the crew can do a full clean-up in the light."

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"Special thanks to our teams out tonight."

After putting out the statement, South Tyneside Council put out images of the extensive damage, which caused anger from residents in South Shields. 

Taking to social media, one person said: "These windows are always smashed it’s such a shame -  think you need to consider replacing with plastic," while another simply added: "Why would people do this?"