A man was told to expect nothing other than a custodial sentence after admitting a stalking charge relating to a former partner.

Appearing via video link to Durham Crown Court from the city’s nearby prison, Simon Jackson admitted charges of burglary and stalking, causing serious alarm or distress.

The burglary was said to have taken place at an address in Greenfields Road, Bishop Auckland, from where he took a circular saw, on Monday October 30, last year.

Among the conduct admitted as part of the stalking charge, between October 10 and 31 last year, Jackson is said to have, on at least two occasions, demanded money, made threats to damage property and commit assault, as well as making unwanted calls, causing his victim anxiety and distress.

The Northern Echo: Simon Jackson warned to expect a prison term when he is  sentenced at Durham Crown Court for

The court heard there are further charges of battery, assaulting an emergency worker and criminal damage arising from the incident on October 30, to come before the court, while an offence alleging the use of violence to gain entry to a property, is to be re-sent from the magistrates’ court.

The Northern Echo:

Katie Spence, representing the defendant, asked for a Probation Service background report to be prepared on the defendant prior to the case returning to the court to be sentenced, next month.

Agreeing to the request, Judge Jo Kidd told Miss Spence: “In order to have a full understanding of the domestic context, its best achieved through a pre-sentence report.

“But, he should not consider there’s any reasonable prospect of a non-custodial sentence, but I’ll need to know the background to the domestic violence.”

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Addressing the defendant, Judge Kidd said: “I’m adjourning sentence today so the Probation Service can speak to you to look into the circumstances of this offending, the background to it and the chances of you doing it again.

“The fact I’m adjourning shouldn’t be taken as any indication as to the likely sentence in this case.”

She remanded Jackson, of Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, to remain in custody until the sentencing hearing on Friday, February 9.