This is the wreckage of a plane which crashed into the ground after stalling on take-off at a County Durham airfield.

The plane was just 10 to 15 ft in the air when its engine stalled, sending it rolling to the left before striking the ground.

It happened at Fishburn Airfield near Sedgefield, County Durham when the light aircraft, a small TL-3000 Sirius 600 type, was trying to take off for a trip to Blackpool Airport.

A report published this week into the incident, which happened on August 10 last year, detailed how the plane didn’t appear to accelerate properly along the runway.

But despite its acceleration appearing “somewhat impaired” the 66-year-old pilot continued the take-off with cockpit indicators suggesting everything was working as normal.

The plane, which was only a year old at the time, took off momentarily before coming back down to the ground twice.

The Northern Echo: The plane suffered extensive damage.The plane suffered extensive damage. (Image: AIR ACCIDENTS INVESTIGATION BRANCH)

It then became airborne but failed to accelerate further and a stall warning horn sounded to the pilot.

Having only reached heights of about 10 to 15ft it rolled left and struck the ground.

The plane was left with extensive damage and left the pilot struggling to get out of the wreckage.

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Both the pilot and one passenger on board suffered minor injuries.

A report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said “no definitive cause was established for [the plane]’s poor acceleration”.

It added: “The aircraft performance was not as expected during the take-off and it failed to climb, despite the engine appearing to be developing full power. The aircraft suffered extensive damage during the subsequent impact with the ground.”