Some of the North East's most cost-effective attractions have been revealed by retailer Go Outdoors - and one County Durham attraction has come out on top. 

Durham Cathedral has been named as the most Instagrammable attraction in the UK and has proved to be one of the top-rated free attractions, and the most Googled free attractions. 

Durham Cathedral also tops social media tables, making it the most Instagrammed attraction in the UK, and one of the most viewed on TikTok. 

Overall, this makes it the top free attraction in the North East of England - so it is no wonder that 251,456 people paid it a visit in 2021. 

Go Outdoors said: "Durham Cathedral grabs first place as the most Instagrammable free attraction on our list.

"This historic cathedral was first constructed between 1093 and 1133.

"Not only has it received over five thousand excellent reviews on Tripadvisor, but this Norman building is also one of the most Instagrammable free attractions that the UK has to offer, with a total of 76,000 hashtagged posts.

"For TikTok, once again, the Durham Cathedral makes it to the top three list, this time as one of the most viewed free attractions on TikTok.

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"Located in County Durham in the North East of England, this Romanesque-style cathedral has made waves on the well-known video-sharing platform with over 290 million TikTok views.

"Known to be a place of worship and hospitality for almost a millennium, the Durham Cathedral continues to thrive with over 251,456 visitors in 2021.

"Renowned for its spectacular Romanesque architecture and picturesque views, this magnificent location is at the heart of the Durham World Heritage Site."