A Teesside businessman has teamed with a local entrepreneur to deliver essentials to Ukraine.

Karl Pemberton, managing director of Active Chartered Financial Planners, will depart on the mercy mission alongside Mike Racz later this month.

Mr Racz launched the mission to bring supplies to the county from Teesside in late 2023 – with the latest trip seeing both he and friend Mr Pemberton make the 3000-mile trip.

The duo are hoping to collect enough donations to fill a 40-tonne articulated lorry to follow them on the journey.

Mr Racz’ partner Kateryna comes from Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine, with her family still residing there, and he added this was a personal mission for him.

Mr Racz said: “As the world's attention shifts to various global crises, it is important not to overlook the dire situation in Ukraine, where millions of people are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis.

“The country is in urgent need of supplies and relief, especially as the prospect of renewed conflict looms.

“I am so grateful to Karl for his support in delivering this vital aid at a time when the conflict is once again, escalating.

“We would love for as many people as possible to be part of this incredible challenge. Your support can make a world of difference.”

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Karl Pemberton, managing director of Active Chartered Financial Planners, said: “When Mike mentioned his latest challenge to me, I asked him what he needed the most. When he asked me if I would join him on the trip, it felt instinctive to say ‘yes’. 

"There’s power in numbers so of course I offered to be his copilot. I have known Mike for a number of years and having seen what the Ukraine people are going through, I felt the need to play my part in making a difference.

“Our Teesside business community is renowned for rallying for good causes, I’m sure Mike’s amazing mission will be no exception!”

You can find the fundraiser here.