Pronouncing place names is sometimes an absolute minefield - especially if you've envisioned how it should be said.

With hidden letters, historic sayings and pronunciations and the difficult local lexis, you can definitely fall foul of pronouncing places correctly.

It can be straightforward not to pronounce it right - especially if you live nowhere near these locations. 

In North Yorkshire, this is no different.

From Guisborough to Masham and from Jervaulx to Marske, we have been bamboozled with these place names. 

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We have put together the five most commonly mispronounced North Yorkshire locations we can think of.

However, if you think of one and it springs to mind straight away, please let us know in the comments section. 

Here are the most mispronounced locations we can think of and how to pronounce them:

  • Guisborough ('Gis-brah')
  • Jervaulx ('Jer-vo')
  • Masham ('Mas-um')
  • Marske ('Mask')
  • Little/Great Barugh ('Barf')