The woman who alleged footballer Jack Diamond raped and sexually assaulted her has denied inventing the claims after he showed a “disinterest” in her.

Being cross-examined by the Sunderland winger’s counsel, Eleanor Laws KC, the woman conceded the relationship with the footballer was 95-per cent a sexual one, by agreement, having met through the dating app Tinder in about 2020.

The jury at the Newcastle Crown Court trial of 23-year-old Mr Diamond, heard she considered they were friends only, but with “benefits”.

She agreed he had, however, blocked her on Snapchat for much of 2021, during which time she had messaged his Sunderland team-mate and housemate, goalkeeper Anthony Patterson.

The Northern Echo: Sunderland footballer Jack Diamond has gone on trial at Newcastle Crown Court accused of rape and

Having been unblocked by the defendant, in late December 2021, she agreed that after this she had gone to the defendant’s Washington flat about twice a month for sex, when he contacted her.

But she said after about March 2022, due to heavier medication she was taking to treat acne, and not having taken contraception, fearing potential affects on any child conceived, she had not been having full sexual relations with the footballer.

The Northern Echo:

On the night of the alleged offences, May 7, 2022, she said the defendant contacted her and asked her to go to his flat.

She said she agreed on the basis it would only be for “cuddles and company” due to the stronger medication she was taking.

Asked by Miss Laws that there was nothing to stop her having full sexual relations at this time, despite being advised against it due to the medication, she agreed.

Miss Laws put to the complainant that she had been a “risk-taker” up to that point by having full sexual relations while not taking any form of contraception and she agreed.

The court has heard that she drove to the defendant’s home in her pyjamas and got into bed with him on the night of May 7 going into early May 8.

She accepted she did allow some initial sexual touching, but then wanted to go to sleep, which is when she said the defendant committed the offences of rape and sexual assault.

Miss Laws put it to the complainant that at one point she got on top of the defendant wanting to initiate further sexual activity, but he told her it was not a good idea.

She denied this and also Miss Laws’ suggestion that she was upset with the defendant and, so, turned her back on him.

But she agreed he had done nothing to prevent her leaving the flat when she told him she was feeling unwell.

Miss Laws said the complainant later told police she did not want him (the defendant) to click his fingers and expect her to run as she felt “used” by him.

But Miss Laws said: “That’s what you told police. He was blocking you and unblocking you and you were putting up with it?”

The complainant agreed, and then Miss Laws put it to her that she was not getting much out of it, other than sex.

“You were putting up with it because you liked him?”

The complainant disagreed and also denied the suggestion that she was interested in the defendant romantically and wanted to be his girlfriend.

She agreed having sent him a “super like” message on Tinder but disagreed with Miss Laws’ assertion that she sent it in September 2022, four months after making the rape and sexual assault allegation.

In conclusion, Miss Laws put to the complainant: “Mr Diamond didn’t do anything to you against your will or consent, did he?”

The complainant replied: “Yes, he did.”

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On conclusion of the cross-examination, Judge Edward Bindloss ended the hearing for the day and sent the jury home for the night.

The defendant, of Fatfield, Washington, who was suspended by Sunderland AFC in March last year when the charges were brought, denies both sexual assault and rape.

His trial continues tomorrow (Thursday January 4).