They may have just won The Voice, landed a recording contract and £50,000 prize, but North East duo Jen and Liv say they won’t give up busking on the region’s streets.

Jenna (Jen) Cole, 21, and Olivia (Liv) Irwin, 24 were revealed as winners of the 12th series of ITV's The Voice on Saturday (December 30).

The pair - from Whitley Bay and Spennymoor respectively – met at a Little Mix tribute but soon started busking together across the region.

The Northern Echo: Jen and Liv busking on Darlington's High Row in 2022.Jen and Liv busking on Darlington's High Row in 2022. (Image: MURRAY MCLAREN/NORTHERN ECHO CAMERA CLUB)

And despite their win they plan to be back out performing on the streets.

The final episode was recorded in April, and the pair have had to keep their big win a secret since.

They even performed on Newcastle’s Northumberland Street this year, where unbeknown to shoppers they were being serenaded by The Voice’s winners.

The Northern Echo: Jen and Liv with their The Voice coach and host Emma Willis.Jen and Liv with their The Voice coach and host Emma Willis. (Image: JEN AND LIV)

“We just went to Northumberland Street and went back to busking”, Jen said.

“We have a lot of people saying to us ‘Have you not thought about going on The Voice?’”

Liv said: “It’s been a massive secret, we had to keep out mouths shut for a long time.

“We have been out a few times. Busking is our bread and butter and we enjoy meeting new artists and people and everyone that watches us is so lovely so we aren’t going to stop the busking.

The Northern Echo: Jen and Live elated after their win.Jen and Live elated after their win. (Image: JEN AND LIV)

“We would love to still do it”.

“We’ll just stop putting the bucket out!”, Jen added.

Since being crowned winners Jen and Liv have been in the studio working on their next single, which they hope will be out soon.

Speaking of the moment they won Jen said: “When you’re waiting for Emma (Willis) to say who’s won it feels like a month.”

The Northern Echo: Jen (right) and Liv (left).Jen (right) and Liv (left). (Image: JEN & LIV)

“Time stopped for us”, Liv added. “Everything went slow motion and we just couldn’t believe what we had just heard. It’s just a surreal moment.”

"The North East is definitely one for rallying behind its local artists. That’s something we have really felt since we started busking.

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“Everyone is so supportive. The North East is just amazing.”

“We can’t wait to get out there and make our music”, Liv continued.”

Their winner’s single ‘I’m Every Woman’ is available to stream and download now.

Jen and Liv beat fellow contestants Hope Winter, from Greenwich, Jolie Stevens from Cardiff and Callum Doignie, from Telford.