Pronouncing place names from across the UK is sometimes an absolute minefield. 

Sometimes the more confident you are with saying it, the more you flounder with the pronunciation.

It can be straightforward not to pronounce it right - especially if you live nowhere near these locations. 

In the North East, this is no different. In what is a weather person's nightmare, pronouncing towns and villages in the North East can trip you up. 

We have put together the eight most commonly mispronounced North East locations we can think of.


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However, if you think of one and it springs to mind straight away, please let us know in the comments section. 

Here's the most mispronounced locations we can think of:

  • Prudhoe ('Prudah')
  • Guisborough ('Gis-brah')
  • Tudhoe ('Tuddah')
  • Kelloe ('Kellah')
  • Witton Gilbert ('Witton Jill-bert')
  • Stanhope ('Stan-up')
  • Ponteland ('Pon-tea-land')
  • Houghton-le-Spring ('Ho-ton-le-spring')