Plans have been submitted to convert a former film studio in Middlesbrough into a secondary school for children who are “failing to thrive” in mainstream education.

Using the ground floor and first floors of the building on Marsh Street at Cannon Park in Newport, the plan is to convert the space into an independent school, called Green House, for 60 children aged 11 to 16.

The application has been submitted by Invested Childcare, a Middlesbrough-based company which provides care for young people with social, emotional and behavioural needs.

The Northern Echo: The building on Marsh Street which would be converted into a specialist schoolThe building on Marsh Street which would be converted into a specialist school (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

In a planning statement to Middlesbrough Council, the applicant said there would be “minimal to no physical impact” on the local area.

“It will provide maximum impact to pupils who are, at present, vulnerable in our society due to poor mental health, adverse childhood experiences, disrupted education and difficult or challenging home lives,” reads the statement.

“We also intend to educate children who have received an Educational Healthcare Plan for a diagnosed learning need. This site offers a rich opportunity to do something a little more unique and sorely needed as school exclusion is ever increasing as is the number of children who are being diagnosed with poor mental health.”

The school would be open Monday to Friday with approximately 15 to 30 members of dedicated school staff on site including teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. There are no plans to make changes to the existing building, formerly used by Ithica Films which has relocated to Thornaby.

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“The location and size of the plot lends itself to good quality provision of education for pupils who require a more nurturing environment to flourish and grow,” said the planning statement.

“The building is contemporary and well maintained and has all the necessary commodities to be converted to a school for vulnerable pupils who are failing to thrive in mainstream secondary schools.”

The application said the school will largely focus on an academic curriculum offering a range of GCSEs in English, maths, science, health and social care, PSHE and career development. Part of the building will be used for performing arts, art and design, digital design, fashion and textiles, beauty therapy, interior design and technology.

The plans are currently being assessed by a planning officer.