A defendant who is accused of dumping soiled adult nappies at children’s nurseries and outraging public decency has appeared in court.

Abbi Taylor, who also appeared on the court list as Martin Tarling, is accused of a series of nine charges between October 2022 and November 2023.

The Chair of the Bench, John Lee, asked the defendant if she preferred to be addressed as Taylor, and the defendant agreed.

No pleas were entered at the hearing at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court and the case was sent to Newcastle Crown Court for a next appearance on January 16.

Denis Rice, for South Tyneside Council, called the case “complicated” and summarised it as “dumping soiled adult nappies, interfering with nappies at a nursery, smearing milk bottles with excreta and the theft of nappy bags and associated offences”.

The Northern Echo: Taylor gestured to photographers outside of court.Taylor gestured to photographers outside of court. (Image: PA)

Annalisa Moscardini, defending, said: “There is a lot of issues involved and I agree the crown court is the correct venue.”

Taylor is accused of four counts of dumping bags of toxic materials, namely nappies containing human waste, at nurseries on South Tyneside, contrary to the Environmental Protection Act.

The 45-year-old, of Haymarket Walk, South Shields, is also accused of stealing a roll of clinical waste bags from a local nursery business.

Taylor also faces a charge of outraging public decency, “by behaving in an indecent manner, namely by being inside a bin containing the waste of children, including with soiled nappies and disclosed garments and interacting with the soiled nappies in sight of the public”.

Taylor is also charged with criminal damage, by smearing excrement on milk bottles “intended for consumption by small children” and on other parts of a nursery building, including the fire escape.

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Taylor is also charged with breaching a criminal behaviour order imposed by Nottinghamshire Magistrates’ Court in April this year, by being within 10 metres of a nursery without reasonable excuse, and/or “by removing items from a waste receptacle in direct contravention of said order”.

The defendant also faces a charge of intentionally or recklessly causing a public nuisance between October 2022 and November 2023 “at South Tyneside, without reasonable excuse, did an act, namely by continuously dumping adult human waste and other materials on the street and at nursery premises and interfering with the contents of clinical waste bins containing faecal matter from children and babies and other similar behaviours”.

The defendant was granted conditional bail ahead of the crown court appearance.