Many businesses across the region have been forced to close in 2023 as the UK navigates the never-ending cost of living crisis. Here's a list of 10 local shops, cafes and stores we have lost in 2023.

In the year that inflation topped 9%, businesses and their customers have been pushed to breaking point as the cost of living crisis continues.

Unable to afford bills, food and rent, owners have struggled to keep up with financial strain and have been forced to give up their livelihoods.

This has led to huge gaps in the market and empty units where businesses that spanned generations once stood.

Here's a look back at some of the businesses that have sadly closed in the North East and North Yorkshire in 2023.

Judges Hotel, Yarm

March 2023

Judges Hotel, in Yarm, was the subject of speculation for the last few weeks after they cancelled future events - and the hotel’s online booking system had no rooms available beyond March 3.

In a statement on social media, the Hotel confirmed that it had finally closed its doors on Sunday, March 5. 

A spokesperson for the Judges Hotel said: "Unfortunately, judges Hotel closed on March 5, 2023.

"We would like to thank all our customers for their patronage while we were operating, and of course to all our staff, who have done an amazing job for us."

The Northern Echo: Judges Hotel, Yarm.Judges Hotel, Yarm. (Image: Teespix)

The Waterhouse Kitchen, Darlington Market

March 2023

In a statement, the café said it had ‘reached the point of no return’ and slammed the landlord for failing to negotiate over a £5,000 rent hike.

Owners Peter and Suzanna Bulmer said: “After some discussion between ourselves and the landlord’s solicitor we were offered a lease with a rent increase of £5,000 (26%) plus they required us to sign away our rights under the landlord and tenant act.

“We very much regret having to close a business that has become our way of life since we started it ten years ago. We pass on our appreciation to all our loyal staff and customers who have supported us for many years.”

The Northern Echo: Darlington Market.Darlington Market. (Image: Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Todds Butchers, Darlington

March 2023

After 111 years in business, one of Darlington's most well-known family businesses closed its doors.

Todds Butchers served the community over three generations but announced in January that it would close up its shutters for good in March 2023 - with some branding it "the end of an era".

The Northern Echo: Todds Butchers on Haughton Green in Darlington. Todds Butchers on Haughton Green in Darlington. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Crinnions of Lanchester, Durham

May 2023

Crinnions, which was on Front Street in Lanchester, was a constant for many people - having been the local butchers for years, before becoming a deli, bar and restaurant. 

Dating back to 1959, the family-run business prided its name on quality produce, and serving tasty meals to the County Durham community. 

The Northern Echo: Crinnions of Lanchester.Crinnions of Lanchester. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Cooplands, Darlington

June 2023

In a wave of 40 closures across the region, Cooplands in Cockerton, Darlington closed its doors for the final time.

The long-established Scarborough born bakery chain is well known throughout the north of England, having started in 1885.

Locals first noticed that the shutters were down on Monday, June 5. A few days later a notice was stuck on the shutters alerting would-be customers that the branch had now closed.

The Northern Echo: Cooplands, Darlington.Cooplands, Darlington. (Image: Aja Dodd, Newsquest)

Ravensworth Nurseries, Richmond

July 2023

The Ravensworth Nurseries in Richmond said it was with the “heaviest of hearts” that it had decided to close.

In a statement it said lockdown, rising bills and the cost-of-living crisis- meant it had “reached the end of the line”.

The nursery said: “It is with the greatest of sadness, and the heaviest of hearts, that we have to announce Ravensworth Nurseries is closing with immediate effect.

“What started with the sale of a few tomato plants on the side of the road - turned into a family business that we have put our hearts and souls into for the last 57 years.

The Northern Echo: Fiona Dean, owner of Ravensworth Nurseries in Richmond, which has announced it has closed with immediate effect. File photo dated March 2020.Fiona Dean, owner of Ravensworth Nurseries in Richmond, which has announced it has closed with immediate effect. File photo dated March 2020. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

Sound it Out Records, Stockton

August 2023

Sound It Out Records in Stockton-on-Tees confirmed in August with “great sadness” that it will be closing its doors for good by the end of the month.

The store, on Yarm Street, was highly regarded as the only independent record shop in Teesside, and  amassed an impressive 8,000 followers online.

The announcement came just months after Sound It Out’s owner Tom Butchart, 50, sadly passed on June 9.

The Northern Echo: Sound it Out Records with late owner Tom Butchart.Sound it Out Records with late owner Tom Butchart. (Image: Picture: GOOGLE STREETVIEW)

Richmond Brewery Company

August 2023

The Richmond Brewery Company became a treasured business in the area after opening in 2008. They prided themselves on their ‘no-nonsense’ Yorkshire hospitality and reasonably priced pints.

Notices had been put up on the outside of the station based Richmond Brewery Company in August stating that the landlord has ‘re-entered’ the premises and the lease had been forfeited.

The Northern Echo: Richmond Brewery Company.Richmond Brewery Company. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Wilko Darlington

September 2023

Darlington's Wilko store was one of many across the country that faced closure in late September after the company entered administration.

The site of the former store remains empty to this day.

The Northern Echo: Wilko Darlington.Wilko Darlington. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

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Eggleston Hall café and gift shop, Barnard Castle

October 2023

The Coach House Cafe and Gift Shop, at Barnard Castle's grade II listed Eggleston Hall, confirmed they will close on October 29 in an emotional social media post on September 30.

The reason for the closure was not confirmed, as workers simply stated it was "out of their control".

The Northern Echo: Egglestone Hall.Egglestone Hall.