A taxi driver from North Yorkshire who writes adventure fiction stories in his spare time has published a second book.

The Seekers of Duat is the next instalment in the Art of Darkness series from the pen of Ripon cabbie Keith Robinson.  

It is the sequel to The Search for Orion, the debut novella from the 48-year-old, who drives for Mainline in Harrogate, which was published during lockdown in 2020.

The Northern Echo: Keith started writing his books between fares in his taxi Keith started writing his books between fares in his taxi (Image: Contributor)Keith whose author name is Keith Cador, said: “Once I'd finished my first book, I knew I had caught the bug to write more.

“With the lockdowns lifting and work becoming normal again, I had to find time to keep writing.

“As a private hire driver, I've driven down plenty of long, winding roads, but the writing road is also a very daunting one that needs a lot of willpower and mental strength.

“With work getting busier, my only time to write was on evenings.

“Eventually, after years of drafts and edits, I finished my second book.”

The Seekers of Duat is set a year after The Search for Orion in which two friends go looking for a man who disappeared in their local forest 11 years earlier.

The Northern Echo:

Olly and Leo, joined by Katie and Claire, find themselves thrust into a bigger and deadlier adventure when their nemesis escapes.

With time against them, they must find the components of a mysterious portal to take them to the Egyptian underworld to rescue a new friend and to save an old one.

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Keith said: “This book is ideally suited to older children and young adult readers.

“It is an action-packed, supernatural, fantasy adventure story available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.”

“The satisfaction I got from my first book was immense.

“Although my family and friends were very supportive, it was people I didn't know who had purchased and given great reviews on my book which gave me most satisfaction and confidence, in what I hope could be a future career.”

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