This handful of pooches are all looking for new forever homes this Christmas.

These seven dogs are all up for adoption at Darlington Dogs Trust, which is reminding prospective owners that a dog is for life, not just the festive season, as some will look to buy pets as presents.

We have compiled a list of seven pups hoping to bring some light into the lives of their new owners.


The Northern Echo: RileyRiley (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Among those looking for a new family are Riley, a Lurcher Cross described as, "a super sweet boy who can become overwhelmed in new situations".

The tender-hearted two to five-year-old is seeking a calm, adult-only home with no other pets or children.

Despite being initially shy, Riley emerges as playful and sociable after gaining confidence.

With a soft spot for cheese, peanut butter, and the thrill of chasing a tennis ball, Riley is looking for a cosy home and a comfortable duvet for some prime snuggle time.


The Northern Echo: BarneyBarney (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Joining the search is Barney, a Bulldog of the same age group.

Barney’s lovable personality shines through once he’s comfortable with his surroundings.

With a penchant for car journeys and a diet that’s aiding his road to weight loss, this brawny Bulldog is ready to embark on a new chapter with a patient, understanding family.


The Northern Echo: Heath.Heath. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Also within the pack is the sprightly Pug Cross Heath.

 Despite being in his golden years, this jovial chap still revels in a good old play before dozing off on his favourite spot on the sofa or bed.

 His alluring love for food, which triumphs even his playful spirit, is bound to win over hearts looking for a seasoned, yet lively companion.


The Northern Echo: Solomon.Solomon. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

The collection is graced by the presence of Solomon, the Rottweiler.

Solomon is a toy-loving canine looking for a serene home accommodating minimal visitors.

This two to five-year-old cherishes his human pals' presence and simply needs time to present his relaxed nature.

Tammy and Silky

The Northern Echo: Tammy and Silky.Tammy and Silky. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Tammy and Silky, a German Shepherd Dog Cross tandem, are searching for their forever home together.

With a shared tender age of over eight years and a "really loving" disposition once trust is established, this inseparable pair is keen on discovering their perfect retirement abode.


The Northern Echo: Bow.Bow. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

In addition, five to seven-year-old Shar Pei Bow has also put out her call for a family.

Known for her affectionate disposition and craving for attention, Bow hopes to find a sanctuary where she can relish alone time and an unfenced garden for off-lead playtime.

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The Northern Echo: Smurf.Smurf. (Image: DOGS TRUST)

Lastly, there’s Smurf, an eleven-month-old Collie who isn’t blue, with an infectious friendly demeanour.

With a learning curve for tricks and a flare for being the centre of attention, Smurf is excited for a family willing to invest time into her training.

This diverse group of canines, each with unique traits and requirements, is united by a common aim – to be adopted into homes where they’ll be showered with love and patience.

So if you have room in your household and heart for a new furry family member, perhaps one of these darling pooches could be your match.