The Northern Echo: After the clearupAfter the clearup (Image: Contributor)Council neighbourhood wardens had their work cut out when they found a mountain of black bags from a County Durham property. 

Durham County Council neighbourhood workers removed the waste from a property in Ferryhill following an investigation. 

A picture posted on the neighbourhood wardens Facebook page showed dozens of full binliners piled up at the back of a house. 

A second picture shows the aftermath of their cleanup. 

The cleanup comes as the council continues to prosecute people who do not comply with orderes to remove waste from their yards, with thousands of pounds in fines handed out by the courts.

Neighbourhood wardens have reminded residents from Ferryhill, they can present waste for removal by Durham County Council on Tuesdays or extra household waste can be disposed of at any the council Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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To report any issues of waste in yards and gardens please call 03000 260000 or use the on line reporting system

A spokesperson for Durham County Council said: "Our aim is always to work with residents when we have reports of waste in gardens however sometimes, residents refuse to co-operate which then leads us to prepare casefiles for the courts."