A grandmother whose ankle was savaged by a "bulldog-type" dog in York says she could have lost her foot - or been killed.

Kirstie Sandford was visiting a friend's house in Acomb, York, when she says the dog attacked her out of the blue.

She says the animal grabbed her left ankle in its teeth and wouldn't let go - ripping her flesh right down to the bone.

Kirstie, 46, a mum of two and grandmother of three, said she kicked the dog repeatedly with her other leg while her friend tried desperately to get the animal off her.

When the dog finally let go, Kirstie crawled into another room and was then rushed by ambulance to York Hospital where surgeons spent three-hours operating on her injuries.

North Yorkshire Police said two people had been arrested on suspicion of owning or being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control in connection with the incident.

The Northern Echo: Kirstie SandfordKirstie Sandford (Image: submitted)

Kirstie, a former cleaner of Thoresby Road, Acomb, said: "It went straight for my ankle. It shot straight for me. It was horrific - it wouldn't get off me. Its teeth and its evil face, that's all I can see now.

"I was screaming 'it's going to take my leg off'. It could have taken my ankle right through. It could have bitten through my ankle. I would probably have lost a foot.


"I would be dead if it got my throat. I booted it and booted it, and finally got it off.

"If I had had my granddaughter with me it could have killed her. It could have killed me. The pain was horrific."

The Northern Echo: Kirstie Sandford in York Hospital after she was attacked by a dogKirstie Sandford in York Hospital after she was attacked by a dog

The attack happened in Dijon Avenue, Acomb, on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 6.

Kirstie - speaking to The Press from her hospital bed - said surgeons were hopeful she wouldn't need a skin graft.

She said she could still move her toes, suggesting her tendons and ligaments were intact despite the depth of the bite wounds.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed that officers attended the scene of the attack.

The Northern Echo: Kirstie Sandford's badly injured ankleKirstie Sandford's badly injured ankle

A police spokesperson said: "Police in York have arrested a man and woman on suspicion of owning or being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.

"It follows an incident at a house in York on December 6 when the ambulance service was called to a woman with a leg injury caused by a dog.

"The woman was taken to hospital for treatment to her leg which includes the need for surgery."

The spokesperson added: "The dog, which is believed to be a bulldog-type breed, has been seized from its owner and is currently being cared for."

  • A 36-year-old man and a woman, 51, arrested in connection with the incident have been released on conditional police bail.