THE majority of North East teenagers in a new survey say they want to pursue a ‘green’ career

The small cross-section also revealed that both the environment and sustainability are major drivers for future generations of workers when it comes to picking a career path.

Over 84,000 low-carbon jobs are forecast for the North East by 2050, with the region positioned at the heart of the UK’s green energy revolution.

With a greener future on the horizon, Visuna, a leading energy and tech recruitment specialist based in Washington, carried out the survey and said the findings were “incredibly encouraging”.

“Renewable energy could soon be the North East’s industrial lifeblood, but for it to thrive, it is vital that the next generation of workers buy into the region’s green revolution,” said David Bolton, Visuna’s chief operating officer.

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“To hear first-hand that so many teenagers in our region are interested in a green career is incredibly reassuring and shows that we are on the right track towards a better, brighter and more sustainable future.”

And staff at Visuna met some of those youngsters when the firm took part at a Green Careers Week event at a school in Ashington, Northumberland.

The survey found that 65 per cent of pupils polled were interested, in pursuing a career relating to the environment or sustainability.

Leaders at Visuna delivered a presentation to around 175 Year Nine pupils.