Three in five drinkers in the North East, some 59 per cent, feel that England has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol according to Drinkaware’s Annual Monitor.

The figure rises to 66 per cent in Scotland, 63 per cent in Northern Ireland, 56 per cent in England but falls to 38 per cent in Wales.

While many drinkers believe that England as a whole has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, when asked about their own or, family and friends, very few felt it was unhealthy (13 per cent and 17 per cent).

The Drinkaware Monitor 2023 is the annual ‘state of the nation' survey conducted for Drinkaware by YouGov, that provides an insight into the drinking habits of the UK.

This year’s Monitor looked at how we talk about alcohol and have honest conversations.

The Monitor asked 10,473 people from across the UK about their perceptions, and those surveyed highlighted their concerns about how alcohol is seen in society.

 Karen Tyrell, chief executive of the charity Drinkaware, said: “Our research shows the difference between perception and reality when it comes to our relationship with alcohol.

“Most people think the country has a drinking problem, but it is not them, it is someone else.

“We need to be more open and honest about our own relationship with alcohol and talk more about our drinking habits.

“We can learn from the change we’ve seen in how we talk about mental health, and make people feel more comfortable talking about their drinking.

“One way to understand more about your drinking habits is by doing the Drinkaware Drinking Check.

“This short quiz is a quick and easy way to find out if you’re putting your health at risk and is a great way to encourage a conversation.”

The report found that three in five (61 per cent) adults in the North East do not think our society is understanding of people with drinking problems, rising to 65 per cent in Scotland.

When it comes to people who are concerned about someone else’s drinking, one in five (20 per cent) in the North East haven’t done anything, 59 per cent have spoken to them about it, 37 per cent have made a comment about it to them, and 24 per cent have encouraged them to seek help or treatment.

Having a conversation is more effective in helping people take action about their own drinking, rather than making a comment.

Across the UK, only 25 per cent of cases resulted in action when a comment was made, compared to 29 per cent when a conversation was initiated.

The Monitor focus groups revealed that conversations can have an impact on an individual's drinking, but this can take time and often happens after several


Their effectiveness depends on the drinker's openness to the issues with their drinking.

The Monitor is the only UK-wide nationally representative survey that dives into peoples’ drinking habits and behaviour.

In the North East specifically it also found:

  • Concern is most likely to be for a friend's drinking, with 39 per cent of those with a concern indicating it relates to a friend, falling to 35 per cent among females.
  • Only 28 per cent of adults would feel very comfortable having a conversation with family and 26 per cent with friends about their drinking, compared to 39 per cent with a partner.
  • Those drinking at home alone in the North East at least once a week is down from 28 per cent in 2021 to 20 per cent in 2023.
  • Beer and wine are the most commonly consumed drinks by North East drinkers, with approximately a third always or often drinking beer (36 per cent), which is higher than the UK average of 27 per cent, and a quarter (26 per cent) of North Easterners always or often drink wine, which is also higher than the UK average (29 per cent).

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People can learn more about their drinking habits and get free tips and advice by doing the Drinkaware Drinking Check.

This short quiz helps you find out if your drinking is putting your health at serious risk, visit

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