The names of gritters made in North Yorkshire have been giving people in the UK a good laugh throughout the cold blast that we have been seeing recently. 

Made by Ripon-based company ECON, the gritters are sent all across the UK to make the roads safe and to prevent accidents in different regions. 

While a lot of the fleet that is sent out by ECON might just be gritters that do their job, that's not the case up in Scotland, where they have been given humorous names.

The Northern Echo: The humorous names of the grittersThe humorous names of the gritters (Image: TRAFFIC SCOTLAND)

To keep spirits high in the cold weather, Traffic Scotland has given all its gritters funny nicknames, which include Gritly Come Dancing, Hansel And Grit-all and a personal favourite, Spready Mercury.

But Traffic Scotland has gone one step further by adding a map of all of its gritters so people across the UK can track where they are and see all of the names.

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The naming of each gritter started in 2006 when school children were asked to come up with funny names for the vehicles.

Every year, names are submitted to the operating companies who operate the road network on behalf of Transport Scotland every year.

And the tradition hasn't stopped since. 

You can see the gritting map here.

Here are some of our favourite gritter names: 

  • Gritly Come Dancing
  • Hansel And Grit-all
  • Sleetwood Mac
  • Sir Grits Hoy
  • The Basil Salty
  • Icesweeper Willie
  • On Her Majesty’s Slippery Surface
  • Sir David Attenbrrrrrr
  • Polar Patroller
  • Licence To Chill
  • Spready Mercury
  • Double Snow 7
  • Gritney Spears
  • BFG – Big Friendly Gritter
  • Walter the Salter