Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has helped millions across the UK save money with his helpful advice.

Whether discussing, loans, pensions, premium bonds or wills, Lewis has become a saving grace for many.

Now, the Money Saving Expert has created a new way to save, as one TikTok user has shared a genius trick.

Martin Lewis inspires genius saving hack with viral TikTok

TikTok user sophie_imisskorea took to the social media platform to share how their best friend has been using Lewis as a way to remember to save energy.



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In the now-viral video, the TikTok user's friend has cutout images of the Money Saving Expert and stuck them above electrical sockets as a reminder to turn them off.

Explaining why Lewis had been used, sophie_imisskorea shared: "My best mate setting Martin Lewis visuals to remind her to switch off every socket.

"Because well, the UK."

Viewers of TikTok have praised the creative idea, as one fan commented, "I need this in my purse and on my laptop."

Whilst another added: "@Martin Lewis always saving folk money."

Martin Lewis shares how to save on energy bills this winter

Previously the Money Saving Expert shared how Brits can save extra money on their energy bills.

Speaking on his show The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV he was told by an audience member that some would turn their thermostat up by one degree during the colder months.

Lewis highlighted that the process was “costly” and “unnecessary”.

As he shared: "A thermostat says: 'we will keep it at a set temperature'. Why are you turning it up in winter? That's what the thermostat does.

“If you want it to be 20 degrees it will stay at 20 degrees and that's the right temperature for you.

“You don't turn your thermostats up in winter, you just let it get to the heat. That's all you need to do."